Turbo Charger Repairs Gauteng:

Turbo Excellence is a leading turbo charger repair centre in Gauteng. The company was started in 2006 and has grown to be a well-known name in the industry. We are conveniently located in Wadeville, Gauteng and we aim to provide each and every client with superior quality service.

At Turbo Excellence we offer competitively priced turbo charger repairs for any turbo charger in need of an overhaul.

We specialise in turbo charger repairs, VSR Balancing, Rotor Balancing, minimum flow bench testing and even the supply of new turbo chargers.

Vehicles we do turbo charger repairs for:

Our turbo charger repairs are done on all popular makes of turbochargers like HOLSET, Garrett, IHI, Mitsubishi, 3K, Schwitzer, Borg Worner.

Our goal is ultimate client satisfaction.

When we do turbo charger repairs, the turbo is completely stripped to each turbo component. The turbo and all its additional parts are inspected for wear and damage and then scrapped and replaced with new turbo replacement parts. In all situations, all the turbo bearings and seals should be disposed of. A reconditioned turbo charger should never be rebuilt with used turbo bearings and seals. When the process of all turbo parts being reused are confirmed to be good to go again and worn turbo parts are disposed of and replaced, then the turbo rebuild can be undertaken with balancing and turbo actuator calibration, resulting in a newly reconditioned turbo charger.

So for more information on our turbo charger repairs, contact the experts at Turbo Excellence.